Monday, April 13, 2015

Michele Visits- April 2015

Michele made a quick trip to New York, and even though we just saw each other at Clou-a-rama I, we still had loads to discuss. We took the party back to Brooklyn, old-school. We thought we were going to the Brooklyn Museum, but it quickly turned into a choose-your-adventure type of day. We tried to choose a perfect mojito but it didn't choose us back so we ended up in a hot chocolate and marshmallow hot tub, as evidenced by this picture:

Michele Visits- April 2015
Michele and me at Chocolate Room

After our giant marshmallows, obviously we needed tiny beers. We met Michele's good friend Nina at Strong and ordered all the tiny beers that our waitress would tolerate. To punish us, she took away all our plates forcing us to eat our cheese plate like animals.

Michele Visits- April 2015
Nina and Michele at Strong Place- Michele with tiny beer

In other words, super fun, just like any time I hang out with Michele!

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