Monday, April 27, 2015

Miranda's Month Photos 2015

Oh, how my little baby girl has grown! I miss it all already! Here are her month photos.

Our 5th Anniversary 2014
Not her actual 2 month photo but I like this one much better

Miri is 3 Months 2014
3 months, and showing a little leg!

Miranda is 4 Months 2014
4 Months, the month she meowed a lot.

Nana Visits- Sept. 2014
5 Months, with her Nana

Miri is 6 Months 2014
6 Months, sitting on her own

November 2014
7 Months, cuteness explosion!

Miri is 8 Months 2014
8 Months, enjoying Christmas, pre-crawling and scooting

Miri is 9 Months 2015
9 Months, speed crawling and sleeping through the night!

Miranda is 10 Months 2015
10 Months, just a few days from walking on her own...

Miri is 11 Months 2015
11 Months, walking and running everywhere

1st and 4th Birthday Party 2015
12 Months, running at her party (again, cuter than the sticker picture)

Okay, so despite all my promises when James was born that I would try to do the same stuff for them, I did not get a photo of Miranda every single day. This was not because Miranda was less adored though, it was because it wasn't much fun the first time I did it with James. But I took photos almost every day, since unlike with James, I always had a camera phone handy. I took approximately 2,400 of Miranda her first year, so does it really matter that they weren't all on consecutive days? No.

April 2015
Almost 365 days... I couldn't get them all in one screen shot.

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