Monday, August 25, 2014

Miranda is 4 Months 2014

This month we figured out that we might have been over-estimating Miranda's periods of wakefulness. We realized she need to eat and be put down for a nap every 1.5-2 hours. This was hard to figure out because she fights the naps SO HARD. When she's awake though she's slightly more interested in grabbing at toys and trying to get some in her mouth. She likes the jumperoo for about 5 minutes at a time and can jump in it. She continues to smile and make cute little noises at us, but she mostly meows like a cat. She has never met a cat.

Miranda is 4 Months 2014
4 months!

Food: Kevin got her to take 3 ounces here and there from a bottle, but Nana finally got her to take substantial amounts when we went out to Jackie and Rob's wedding. So, Miranda will now sort of take a bottle after much protest, but mostly I'm still her hostage. She nurses about every 1.5-2 hours. (I'm used to it now.)

Miri is 3 Months 2014
Craving Cuban food!

Sleep: She goes to bed a little earlier now between 7:30-9 p.m. depending on her well her naps go that day. But she always wakes up every 3 hours to eat which is worse than before when she'd give me at least one little chunk of 5-6 hours without eating. When she wakes up at night, I feed her and put her back in her co-sleeper crib (with the exception of a few nights when she REFUSED to go back to the crib). Then she'd wake up again at 4:30ish, and after feeding, she moves to our bed. More feeding at 7:30-8, and often she'll get up then for a day of rabble-rousing.

Naps ... sigh. We have to FORCE her to take a nap every 1.5-2 hours. She does best if I nurse her down and then take a nap with her. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Home- August 2014
Napping with Dada

Miri- 3 Months 2014
Another common nap location.

Miri- 3 Months 2014
Happy as a (spoiled) clam.

Trey and Sunny Visit 2014
Because she thinks she's too good for a BABY swing, that's why.

Growth: She's in size 3-6 months. At her very late 3 month appointment she was about 14 pounds. Now she's about 15 pounds.

August 2014
Had to raise the side of the co-sleeper crib because, this.

Skills: She giggled for the first time this month! Grandma tickled her and then it was just giggles all the times after that. She loves grabbing her feet. She grabs our hands to chew on because she's teething. She also swats me away when I'm bugging her. She loves that other baby in the mirror. She's still not really interested in toys beyond a passing interest in her rattle (mostly because she can chew it) and the toys attached to the jumperoo.

Miranda- 3 Months 2014

Miri- July 2014
The baby in the mirror is awesome.

August 2014
More grabbing.

Personality: Miranda smiles at us a lot and seems to have quite the little sense of humor already. She's in LOVE with Dada and she's mildly interested in James. We don't have to walk her around now that we force her to take regular naps.

Miri- 3 Months 2014
Hanging out with James in the baby gym

Miri- 3 Months 2014
James "reading" to Miranda, a book about James and Miranda!

Me: I am a SAHM two days a week and it's brutal. I don't know how people do it 5 days a week. That's insane! I'm WAHM/SAHM the other 5 days a week. Kevin and I pretty much split child care except only I can nurse, and that happens about every 2 hours or more.

I lost 25-25.5. I still have about 4.5-5 pounds to pre-Miranda and 10.5 to pre-James.

Kevin: Miranda is more smiley.

Home- August 2014
Sometimes, yes.

James: James is gentle around Miranda and calls her turkey or turkey sauce. He loves "his baby" as he describes her to other people. He has grown ever more helpful and hands me things when I have her, most often her burp cloth.

Home- August 2014
James's drawing of Miranda.

Miranda is 4 Months 2014
Can I eat this delicious thumb, please?

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