Friday, August 22, 2014

Jackie and Rob's Wedding 2014

Our friends Jackie and Rob got married in Manhattan! It was super fancy! The bride was my sometimes-partner-in-crime at law school. Now she fights injustice by day and runs marathons on the weekends. Yes, that's the description of a modern-day super hero.

The event was black tie optional, so Kevin and I were feeling pretty cute when we walked into a welcome area hour with wine and champagne. So we were off to a great start already! Eventually we were ushered into the ceremony. Jackie converted to Judaism so the ceremony was Jewish. I've been to a few Jewish weddings and I never get tired of the little touches that make it awesome, such as both parents walking the bride and groom down the aisle and the glass smashing. I particularly enjoyed the excitement with which Jackie enunciated the word "husband" in "I take you to be my husband."

Koslow-Choi Wedding 2014
The new Mr. and Mrs.!

The first ceremony was pretty brief and then we moved into the most serious cocktail hour I've ever attended. I couldn't try all the appetizers because there were too many but each one I tried was a delicious culinary adventure. And also, I was the first one to find the sushi bar... I tried to save some sushi for the other guests. I did my best, you guys.

The reception was officially opened by Jackie's dad's speech. He is the cutest funniest person. He poked fun at Jackie during his speech and you could tell how much he loves her. Rob and Jackie changed into some beautiful traditional Korean clothing for the cocktail hour. This was also a good heads up that the cocktail hour would be followed by a traditional Korean ceremony.

Koslow-Choi Wedding 2014
This might be one of my favorite pictures at a wedding ever (Cocktail hour)

The Korean ceremony is called a Paebaek ceremony, and traditionally it involved the bride being presented to the groom's family but in modern-day celebrations the groom is also presented to the brides family. Obviously this involved another fabulous change of outfit. Everybody bowed to one another, Rob and Jackie shared some wine, some "elders" gave some astonishing words of wisdom. One particularly amusing part of the ceremony was that Rob's parents had to throw dates and chestnuts and Rob and Jackie were supposed to catch them on a long piece of fabric. They caught 24 in total, after which we were told this indicated the number of children they would have. I hope, for their sake, that 24 is actually the number of children and grandchildren they will have.

Koslow-Choi Wedding 2014
Rob and Jackie during the Paebaek ceremony

Koslow-Choi Wedding 2014
Catching a lot of kids!

Koslow-Choi Wedding 2014
Thanking Rob's parents for the 24 children (cute!)

Koslow-Choi Wedding 2014
I missed getting a picture of the Western ceremony kiss but this one is better!

Koslow-Choi Wedding 2014
The Paebaek ceremony ends with the groom carrying the bride out on piggy back!

Then they changed back to their black tie outfits from the Western wedding ceremony for their first dance. We dined, we danced like crazy, and then we jumped around in slow motion for Rob and Jackie's video pleasure.  The band was amazing, and at one point Kevin and I actually looked up to see if Nicki Minaj had taken a hold of the microphone. The woman singing was decidedly not Nicki Minaj but could have fooled a radio listener. Everybody was dancing! We had the possibly the biggest group dancing the Hora in all of New York. (Well, perhaps on that evening.)

Koslow Wedding 2014
First dance

Koslow Wedding 2014
Lifting Jackie and Rob up during the Hora. (This is the best view we got.)

Okay, so they had a video area set up, where anything you did in 24-second increments was made to look awesome when it was converted to slow motion. However, no one warned us that there would also be still photos of the insanity.

Koslow Wedding 2014
The law school group and spouses

Rob and Jackie kept the party going all night long and went to sing Karaoke after the reception was over, but Kevin and I had to head home because Miranda was not doing great on her first night away from me. But we had a wonderful magical night, Miranda forgives me, and I can't wait to see Jackie and Rob again and hear about how amazing it was for them. You can see how happy they are together when you're with them. And if marriage is a marathon and not a sprint, well, Jackie is supremely well-prepared! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

This is terrific. Thank you for your beautiful recounting of the joyous events. It was truly a fabulous time and all of Jackie and Rob's friends are so awesome and special as you are.

Lucy Jones said...

Was at the wedding and you captured it perfectly!

Lucy Jones said...

You captured Rob and Jackie's wedding perfectly. We all had a great time and danced all night!

Ericka said...

Thanks! I'm glad everyone enjoys the post!

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