Friday, August 29, 2014

James Goes to Work 2014

On Wednesday, Kevin had a department meeting on a day he doesn't ordinarily work so after some negotiating we decided on an unofficial "take your son to work day." I thought it would be good for him to see where Dada works because he's been fairly confident for most of his young life that when Dada leaves for work he's just nearby on the other side of the front door. Opening the door and going outside doesn't persuade him otherwise.

James at Stony Brook 2014
The "visiting professor" in Kevin's office

James at Stony Brook 2014
Checking out the fountains at Stony Brook

At home, James loves helping out where he can. He brings Miranda toys, and brings me her burp cloth, and shows an interest in helping with diapering or bathtime.

August 2014
The boys missed Miranda while they were at work

At dinnertime he brings a stool over to watch me cook and I let him help by picking herbs or adding salt and pepper to dishes. On this particular day he helped me make stuffed peppers for dinner.

August 2014 
Adding cheese to the top of the peppers

August 2014
Great job!

He's such a little man already!

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