Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nana is a Hero- August 2014

In anticipation of Jackie and Rob's wedding, we put Miranda through bottle boot camp, which is a cutesie term for forcing a baby to take a bottle. According to popular wisdom, this should be the father's job because a baby is less likely to accept a bottle from her mother. Kevin was able to get Miranda to take 3 ounces at a time on any given day that he tried. This involved a lot of tears, screaming, and redness on Miranda's part.

Mom- August 2014
James and Nana shielding themselves from Miranda

We told my mom the situation and she STILL agreed to watch the kids so we could go to Jackie and Rob's wedding. James was an angel but Miranda screamed and cried the whole time we were gone. My mother persevered though and pretty soon my mother had her taking 8 ounces from a bottle! Thank you, Nana, for a very long evening!

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