Sunday, May 25, 2014

Miranda is 1 Month 2014

Miri- 1 Month 2013
Miranda is 1 Month Old!

Milestones: Well, this time the first month really flew by! She's sort of smiled a few times where it seems like it might be in response to us smiling at her, but it's fleeting and hard to tell. She had her first tummy time this week.

She goes to sleep pretty late each night between 9 and 11 pm, but sleeps well at night. At most she gets up once or twice, and sometimes she sleeps up to 6 hours at once. Obviously she can't roll over yet, but she definitely scoots around her co-sleeper crib so that she ends with her faced pressed in the one unbreathable spot. I am constantly moving her and checking her breathing at night.

Miri 3w+2d 2014
Smirking Miranda

Miri 3w+2d 2014
Miranda is not too sure about tummy time.

Weekly Wisdom: James started being REALLY fussy in the evening when he was 3 months old so when Miranda passed the 3 week mark and was still being quiet in the evenings (mostly because she's eating all the time) I thought we were in the clear. But then the fussiness hit. But it's slightly less difficult this time. Basically if she won't eat anymore we assume she's over-tired and focus on forcing her to fall asleep- and we know that the bouncing rigorously on the Rainforest Bouncer can help us accomplish this. This works fairly well.

I wonder if we'd had the same sort of focus with James if things would have gone more smoothly. I remember thinking his tummy was upset because at other times of the day he would fall asleep on his own. It's possible that they are just really different. It' s also possible that we didn't know what we were doing last time. Haha.

Also, I've decided that breastfeeding is pretty tough psychologically in that I can't venture far from the baby or stay away for very long, but it seems to really help with being emotionally bonded to her. I am really obsessed with my baby girl, and I do start miss her after very short intervals of time, which for me is a little unusual.

Best moment/s: James loves Miranda so much. I let him hold her for a second this week and he giggled with glee. Kevin often calls James "Turkey" when he's teasing him, so James calls Miranda "Turkey Miranda." It's pretty funny.

Miri 3w+2d 2014
She's not heavy, she's my sister.

Miri 3w + 3d 2014 
 Go Red Sox!

Miri 3w + 3d 2014 
 How freaking cute is this?

Worst moment/s: She's been falling asleep while feeding a lot and ends up gagging a lot. I hate it! It's so scary. And she's been spitting up lots more despite being constantly burped. More fussiness. (Actual worst moment: I got pretty worried the other night when Kevin missed a few trains home after his NY reading.)

Also, even though I tell all new moms to be easy on themselves and not try to get anything done for a while, I totally had a meltdown the other day because I was so overwhelmed by chores that I needed to do or were lingering without being done. So apparently my advice is way easier to dispense than follow. Luckily Kevin is on vacation for 6 weeks now!

Park= May 2014
First day of Kevin's vacation!

Baby-size: This is the first week she fits into 0-3 month clothing. I keep squeezing her into some of the newborn stuff though because I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to some of it (and because she has a limited supply of long sleeves). She's still way too little for stuff labeled 3 months though.

Miri 3w + 6d 2014
Last time in this newborn-size onesie.

My Weight: The automatic 23 is off, and hopefully never ever coming back. But I've hit a bit of a plateau despite feeding all the time.

Miri- 1 Month 2014
I am totally obsessed.

Likes: Breastfeeding, sleeping in our arms, sleeping in the co-sleeper crib at night, Dada, bath time!
Dislikes: Pacifier, bottles, riding in the car 
  • James at 1 Month Old and belated thanks to Katie C. for good baby advice in the comments. Always listen to moms with 4 kids!

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