Monday, May 5, 2014

Grandma Visits- April 2014

Just like she did when James was born, Grandma Kathy came to visit and help us for a whole week! We are so appreciative! Kevin went back to work right away so I think I would have lost my mind a little trying to recover from a c-section and watching both kids right away.

Miranda- Day 6 2014
Grandma Kathy meeting her first and only granddaughter, Miranda

Miranda- Day 6 2014
Looks like Miranda is waving James's kisses away. Haha

Grandma Kathy came loaded with birthday presents from her and her family for James's 3rd birthday and also for Miranda. Some of the favorites include this castle tent she got him. It's pretty awesome. Hopefully when we get a house there will be enough room to just leave it open for him all the time. For ow we put it together and take it apart as need be.

Miranda- Day 6 2014
James's new castle

Miranda- Day 6 2014
He loves it!

Grandma took James to the park most days. He hid plastic Easter eggs with candy around our place, not once but twice, because James didn't understand that the Easter bunny just comes once. She also took James to his toddler class twice during the week. He loves his class, and he usually only gets to go once a week, so gonig twice was a big treat for him.

Tiny Tots- April 2014
Tiny Tots on Monday

Tiny Tots on Thursday

Since I've been breastfeeding Miranda, and since she eats FOR HOURS, Grandma only got to spend occasional breaks with her. She had to direct most of her "spoiling" towards James.

Miranda- 1 W + 1 D 2014
Burping Miranda

Miranda 1 w + 2 d 2014
Snuggling James

Miranda 1 w + 3 d 2014
In love with Miranda

Grandma and James even got a fun "date" at the mall complete with a carousel ride and ice cream!

James- April 2014
James's first carousel ride!

James- April 2014
Ice cream with Grandma!

She spoiled us too and cooked for us almost the whole week and helped us with pretty much everything. We were sad to see Grandma go. Come back, Grandma!

Irish Clous 2014
The Irish Clous!

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