Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Miranda's First Visitors 2014

A few people asked about visiting us in the hospital, and even though I was super excited about the prospect when I was pregnant, when I was in the hospital I felt rushed to do everything since Miranda ate so much. Like eating lunch and dinner was a rush job. And like last time, I couldn't shower the first few days because of all the tubes to which I was attached. Sarah, Lukas, and Jon were persistent though and managed to make it over here soon after Miranda was born.

Miranda- 1 Week 2014
Snuggling with Sarah

Miranda- 1 Week 2014
Sarah + Lukas + Miranda = cute

Sarah and Lukas contributed the cupcake we used for Miranda's 1 week picture, and Jon came bearing lunch. Thank you guys!

Miranda- 1 W + 1 D 2014
Jon meeting Miranda

Miranda- 1 W + 1 D 2014
They look like a happy family. Hey, it's legal now!

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