Friday, May 9, 2014

First WWTC Reading at Stony Brook University 2014

On Wednesday, Kevin did his first reading of his short story collection, We Were Flying to Chicago at Stony Brook University. There was a good crowd of faculty, students, and alumni that came out for the reading. He read "The Prophet of Wyaconda" story (probably my favorite) and there were reports of  misty eyes in the audience. Kevin asked a student to take a picture of the reading (because I wanted it for the blog) but alas the student didn't send it. So here's a picture of his book with the faculty sticker at Stony Brook.

  2013-05-07 Stony Brook Reading
WWFTC in the University Bookstore

Kevin was also reviewed extremely well in Booklist, the trade magazine for librarians, so he'll probably make it into a bunch of library collections. And last week, the Toronto Star gave him a good review. Yay, Canada! 

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