Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WWFTC Reading at KGB Bar 2014

On Thursday, Kevin read at the KGB Bar in Manhattan, which is a New York literary institution. The event was called "Drunken Careening Writers," a name which Black Balloon encouraged all too much by buying Kevin drinks after his reading. Kevin read first, followed by the host of the event, novelist & performer Honor Molloy, then playwright/performer Staci Swedeen, and then writer Kevin Holohan. I couldn't go because I'm feeding Miranda and babies and bars don't mix (well, at night anyway). But Rachel, Tim, Nick, Emily, Briggs, and Jon were there, and so I got some pictures.

Kevin read the title story, "We Were Flying to Chicago," and Rachel said the story was even better when Kevin read it out loud.

KGB Bar Reading- May 2014
Kevin reading the title story, "We Were Flying to Chicago"

KGB Bar Reading- May 2014
KGB Bar & Lit Mag

KGB Bar Reading- May 2014
Kevin, Staci Swedeen, and Kevin Holohan

Here's some other stuff that happened recently regarding Kevin's collection:

The Book Notes Playlist at LARGEHEARTED BOY posted a list of the music that Kevin associated with his stories. http://www.largeheartedboy.com/blog/archive/2014/05/book_notes_kevi_19.html

The Bookslinger App Consortium Books published one of Kevin's stories, "Isabelle and Colleen" on their (free!) Bookslinger App: http://thebookslinger.com/

"On the Highway Near Fairfield, Connecticut" THE AIRSHIP posted a story from Kevin's collection (with art!): http://airshipdaily.com/we-were-flying-to-chicago-by-kevin-clouther/

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