Thursday, May 8, 2014

Miranda is 2 Weeks Old 2014

Milestones: Miranda meeting Sarah & Lukas, Jon, Great Grandma Daisy and  Uncle David! Kevin went back to work, but Grandma Kathy was still here with me to help.

Weekly Wisdom: I thought Miranda ate a lot last week when she would cluster-feed for 2-4 hours sometimes twice a day. But she hit an 8-hour record this time! Breastfeeding is so hard! I'm thinking that when formula was invented women danced in the streets to celebrate their liberation? You won't hear La Leche League talking about that. Anyway, I will continue to breastfeed because I decided it's best for a lot of reasons (just not for my sanity or freedom).

Best moment/s: Knowing that at least breastfeeding is working this time, and I don't need supplementation. Also, Miranda just gets cuter every day. And apart of the binge eating, she's really a very good baby. She almost (but not quite) sleeps through the night. She just wakes up for one quick feeding and back to sleep. I get a decent amount of sleep at night.

Miranda- 1 W + 1 D 2014 
Looking a little like my mom

Miranda- 1w + 4d 2014
She's got little bug eyes.

Worst moment/s: James also got really sick on Thursday afternoon. I was super mad at myself for letting him kiss her just that morning, and I started my nervous one-week watch of Miranda's every possible symptom.

James & Miranda- May 2014
Super cute, until James got sick just hours later.

Baby-size: 8 lbs 11 almost 12 oz at her Friday appointment. (9 lbs 6 oz at birth, 8 lbs 8 oz at hospital discharge, 8 lbs 6 oz at 1 week.) She's still in newborn-size clothing.

Miranda 1w + 5d 2014
Height comparison

My Weight: I lost 20 of the 30 pounds I gained with the pregnancy. Usually 23 pounds come off automatically by 6 weeks post-partum. So I have 3 automatic pounds to go before stuff gets real. I'm eating a lot but I'm also weighing myself every day because last time I gained 6 pounds after I had the baby-- and I really want to avoid that sort of thing this time.

Inside and Out 2014
Before and after

Kentucky Derby 2014
Dressed up for watchig the Kentucky Derby at home

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