Friday, May 2, 2014

Miranda is 1 Week Old 2014

Miranda- 1 Week 2014
Commemorating her one-week birthday with a candle in a cupcake

Milestones: First time seeing the baby (during her birth!) and kissing the baby first, meeting Nana, James, and Grandma, going home, first sponge-bath, first doctor's appointment, first walk outside

Miranda- 5 Days 2014
James photo-bombing Miranda's sponge bath picture. <3

Miranda- 5 Days 2014
First family walk outside

Weekly Wisdom: Even with a second baby you learn so much about babies! Despite their related appearance, Miranda is a very different baby. She's being completely breastfed and she eats ALL THE TIME, and practically sleeps through the night.

Best moment/s: Kissing the baby right after she was cleaned up was awesome and I love the picture. Everything is pink!

Worst moment/s: Coming home without pain medication. Some stupid study says you're more likely to drop the baby if you're on Percoset. How about almost dropping the baby from shooting brutal pain? Anyone do a study on that? Actually, it was my epidural that hurt the worst when I came home.

Baby-size: 8 pounds 6 oz at her Friday appointment. (9 pounds 6 ounces at birth, 8 pounds 8 ounces at hospital discharge)

My Weight: I gained a total of 30 pounds with the pregnancy. This time I knew not to expect a big weight drop the first week, and I also know that usually 23 pounds come off automatically by 6 weeks post-partum. So I'm not worried that only 10 pounds came off the first week (basically the baby's birth weight).

Miranda- 1 Week 2014

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