Thursday, May 15, 2014

Miranda is 3 Weeks Old 2014

Milestones: My first day home alone with 2 kids (and everyone was sick!), Miranda's first trip to New York City (Astoria, Queens) for the Astoria Book Swap, meeting Becky S., Ash, Christina and Dan, Kate, Sarah and Donald and William, and my first Mother's Day as a mom of two kids!

Miranda 2 w+ 2d 2014
Tuesday, 5/6- First day home with two kids, everyone in their own corners!

Miranda lost her belly button on Friday so Sunday she got her first tub bath!

Miranda's First Bath 2014
First tub bath on Mother's Day! 

Weekly Wisdom: Breastfeeding is so so hard! Like SO much harder during the beginning, "growth spurts," and other "cluster feedings" than supplementing like I did with James. But I have faith it will get better.

Best moment/s: Best Mother's Day ever! Plus Miranda sleeps long stretches at night.

Miranda 2 + 1 d 2014 
Monday 5/5, 2 weeks + 1 day, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Miranda 2 w + 3d 2014
Wednesday 5/7- Out for a walk wearing a sweater I wore as a baby!

Miranda 2 w + 3d 2014
Kevin teaching Miranda about the Red Sox

Miranda 2w + 4d 2014
Thursday, K & M doing some work together

Miranda 2w + 5d 2014
Friday 5/9- Miranda's bows arrive!

Worst moment/s: My little baby catching a cold when shes so little! Also. She. will. not. stop. breastfeeding!

Astoria Book Swap 2014
Meeting Ash

Astoria Book Swap 2014
Meeting Christina and Dan

Baby-size: We're not sure of her weight but she's almost-but-not-quite outgrown her newborn clothing.

My Weight: 20-21 down  of the 30 pounds I gained with the pregnancy...

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