Sunday, May 4, 2014

James's 3rd Birthday Interview 2014

I had to split up James birthday interview into parts because his attention span is not always great yet, and because I sort of went into labor in the midst of working on this post.

1. What's your name? Um, James.

Miranda- 4 Days Old 2014 
Top Hat was a birthday gift from Uncle Andrew

2. What's my name? You.
What's my name? Mama

3. How old are you? James!
How old are you? Two.
You're three now, right? Three.

4. How old is Mama? Six.

5. How old is Dada? So old.
So old? Yeah.

5. What is your favorite animal? Dinosaurs. (He was watching a TV show about dinosaurs.)
What other animal do you like? Giraffes.

6. What is your favorite color? Green.

7. What is your favorite food? Cookies.
What else? Apples.

8. What is your favorite book? Turkey. (Joke.) Three Little Monkeys. Five Little Monkeys.

9. What is your favorite song? Lullabye. (It's probably Humpty Dumpty, Twinkle Little Star, Five Little Monkeys)

10. What is your favorite toy? An elephant, my paintbrush, my toothbrush. Legos. (It's probably the painting stuff at Tiny Tots, Duplo Legos, and/or train set.)

Tiny Tots- April 2014
Painting at Tiny Tots

James- April 2014
Playing with Legos

11. What do you like to sleep with at night? Mickey, Fudgie.
Anyone else? Dinosaur.
Anyone else? Pillows. Blankets.

12. What is your favorite show? Humpty. (He watches a YouTube playlist of Humpty Dumpty music videos over and over again. For actual TV shows he's really into Elmo's World and the new Care Bears. He had a moment with Tree Fu Tom, and just everything on Sprout, but he's over it now.)

13. What do you want for your birthday? Cake.

James's 3rd Birthday 2014 
Well, he got that!

14. Are you funny? Nooo.. I'm silly.

15. Who is your best friend? You... Dada... my sister.
Me and who else? No. My sister.
(Aw, I love this.)

Miranda & James- May 2014
James gave Miranda his blanket so she wouldn't be cold! So cute!

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