Friday, June 27, 2014

Miranda is 2 Months 2014

Miranda's main activities are drinking milk, sleeping, peeing, and pooping, but this month she added smiling and cooing to the list! Smiles are so awesome. I can't wait to hear her laugh!

Miri- 2 Months 2014
Two months!

Food: The cluster feeding frenzy has not settled down. If it's a "growth spurt" it's been happening for two months now. I can't get a break! For the first six weeks, there were no signs of the outrageous fussiness that effected her brother at this age, and I started to theorize that the constant nursing kept her too busy to cry a lot. Alas, at the six week mark she  started having regular evening fussy periods that were definitely caused by being over-tired. (With the second child you can see what's going on more clearly, though perhaps you still can't do much about it.)

Miri 6w + 3d 2014
Sleeping, 6 weeks + 3 days

Sleep: Last month, she often went to bed between 9:30 pm and 11. For her first little chunk of sleep she goes about 5 hours which is super awesome. Let's say she wakes up at 2:30 am, I'd feed her and put her back int he crib. (Sometimes with great difficulty.) Then she'd wake up again at 5:30ish, and after feeding, I couldn't get her back in the crib so she'd move to our bed. More feeding at 7:30-8, and then at 9 or 10 am.

At 8 or 9, I'd move her to the living for her "breakfast" and my coffee. She might then try for another morning nap. But she won't take any daytime naps in the crib so they happen in our arms or in her rainforest bouncer. After this morning nap, she's really random. She won't nap in the crib at all and when she falls asleep it's just for catnaps of about 20-40 minutes. Yes, I'm holding her for naps and ruining her the exact same way I ruined James. But at least she lets me sleep at night so that's a better deal than I had with James.

Our 5th Anniversary 2014
 6 weeks + 5 days

Growth: She was in newborn size for a long time (a size that James skipped altogether) but quickly outgrew 0-3. She sort of fits 0-3 and I have her wear it to the extent that I want her to get use out of her cute stuff but really she's better off in size 3 months.

Miri 7 Weeks 2014
7 weeks, smiling at her favorite parent

Skills: She grasps my shirt, finger, or my hair, but she can't or she won't grasp a rattle. She's not really interested in toys much yet, though shaking her rattle at her can distract her from crying sometimes.

Miranda will not take a bottle or a pacifier,  unlike her brother, who did both things his first week.

June 2014
Looking Cuban, 7 weeks + 1 day

Personality: When she's not eating or sleeping, Miranda likes to be walked upright. This is another difference from her brother. He demanded that you stand up when you rocked or bounced him but holding horizontally was fine. Miranda demands to be vertical, is not interested in bouncing at all, and prefers that you walk her around the house. She'll let you sway on place if you take her to a good window. She's has no interest in me singing to her but enjoys her dad's songs. Perhaps because I'm tone deaf?

Miri 7w + 5d 2014
Surprise! 7 weeks + 5 days

Me: I went back to work at 6 weeks, but I work from home part-time and the kids don't go to daycare. So far it hasn't been a huge struggle because Kevin has been off from work for the first college summer session and is constantly juggling one or both kids. I am afraid for when he goes back.  Despite the constant feedings, my weight-loss stopped after the automatic 23. Some days the scale says 24. So I have about 6 pounds to pre-Miranda and 12 to pre-James.

Kevin: it's weird for Kevin that Miranda is constantly attached to me for feedings because it limits how much time he can spend with her. And when I do have to run out (for a work call or the dentist) he has to endure a lot of crying because Miranda won't take a bottle. But he is completely smitten with his little girl. He calls her honey pie. I don't even know what a honey pie is. I call her pooquita.

Miri- 2 Months 2014
Her coquettish smile.

Update: We had her 2-month appointment late on July 1st and she was 24.25" (+1.25" from last time), and 12.8 pounds (+2 pounds from last time).

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