Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kevin's Events, Reviews, Etc. - June 2014


Tonight! Kevin is reading from his collection, We Were Flying to Chicago, at BookCourt, at 163 Court Street in Brooklyn at 7 p.m. as part of the Sackett Street Writers Workshop! More Info:

BookCourt - June 2014 
Book display at BookCourt, photo by Julia Fierro

NEXT EVENT: EPOCH, 855 Harwich Road, Brewster, MA,  June 26, 2014, 10:00AM


Booklist reviewed and STARRED Kevin's collection. Booklist is very important because a great many libraries order their books based on Booklist's reviews. Here it is:

    Clouther’s first collection of stories shows an “old” talent—meaning, his sophistication in treatment and technique and his wise observations of the human condition have the feel of an author who has the experience of several story collections behind him. These 10 stories reveal Clouther’s perfectly attuned ear for the clichés, rhythms, and timid vocabulary of ordinary folk; on the other hand, he has great empathy for what these people may not be able to articulate but know in their hearts. In plotting out a story, he is not only creative in how best to generate the condensed dramatic tension necessary in a short story but also intuitive in knowing when and how much to reveal about a person or happening while still ensuring that this power-in-concentration is maintained. “Charleston for Breakfast,” about a young man who blows off his job to take a ride with his girlfriend, is a heartfelt, intelligent presentation of Clouther’s aptitude for knowing just how far to go into a story so that reader interest is sustained while still adhering to limited elaboration. We eagerly await his next collection.
    — Brad Hooper

Listed and reviewed on Bookriot's "Great 2014 Short Fiction Round-up":

Tinhouse reviewed Kevin's collection:

Also here is a review Kevin got in that I particularly love:

The University of Virginia Magazine, Summer 2014:

The Airship's "Better Than Summer Camp: 10 Books to Help You Relive Your Childhood Summers":


Kevin reading his thoughts about Chekhov on Boston's NPR radio program (Kevin at around minute 25):

Kevin's thoughts Chekhov originally appeared in

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