Monday, June 16, 2014

Michele Visits- June 2014

Michele came to visit all the way from Richmond! Not only did she attend Kevin's reading in Brooklyn, but she helped me watch James the whole time which was super-helpful. We actually joked that more than anyone else's it was Michele's reading because Michele read about 20 children's books to James while we were there!

BookCourt Reading 2014
Michele meeting Miranda in Brooklyn.

BookCourt Reading 2014
Three Latina ladies

And then! Michele was nice enough to come over and visit with us too. Obviously when James saw her he thought it was reading-to-him-time again! Oh and of course, we had copious amounts of sushi. That is what we do.

Michele Visits 2014
Reading James some books she bought him

Since Michele was so super awesome to us, and because I'm proud of her make-the-world-a-better--place endeavors, I'm going to plug her Richmond Food Co-op start-up. I figure if I'm not actually busting my butt to improve things the way she is, the least I can do is give a little money to a good cause. Which are you doing? Oh and I got a thank you mug. Yay!

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