Thursday, April 30, 2015

Queens County Farm- April 2015

We've been to the Queens County Farm a lot of times since we moved to Long Island, but actually we hadn't been in a year and half. Miranda had never been before and James no longer remembered having gone. The farm can be super crowded during events but we went on the perfect day because it was almost empty.

Queens County Farm 2015
Miranda meets her first alpaca.

James, what did you like about the farm? "I feed all the goats. And I think the goats like it if I feed them some of Dada's things (the goat feed)."

Queens County Farm 2015
James carefully sharing the feed so each goat gets the same amount.

Queens County Farm 2015
Feeding number 3.

Queens County Farm 2015
There are sheep to feed too!

James then demanded we go on the hay ride. He's a little spoiled. He and I were the only ones on it, and I pretended it was exciting by squealing every time we went over a bump grabbing on to him so I could make him jump each time, and asking him to please hold me down so I don't fall off. He loved it. 

Queens County Farm 2015
Chilling before the ride.

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