Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Miranda is 8 Months 2014

Miri is 8 Months 2014
Eight months!

Sleep: Her sleeping is the same as last month: we hold her for all her naps. I put her down at 7:30, she's usually up by 8:30 pm, and again at 10:30 pm. She sleeps in the bed with us, and snacks all night long. We haven't even tried to move her to the crib because we're traveling at Christmas. One thing I love is that when I burp her at night, she pats me on the back too. And when she gets tired she rests her head on my shoulder. So sweet.

December 2014
Perfect when she's sleeping

Food: She nurses, drinks formula, and eats everything. She prefers finger foods and anything I'm eating.

November 2014
Eating a toy camel

Growth: She's outgrew 6-month clothing. She wears sizes 6-9 months, 9 months, and 9-12 months. I think she's 18 or 19 pounds.

She rolls away but it doesn't seem like she does it on purpose. She sits safely without falling over 90% of the time. She's still in the pre-crawling stage where she gets in crawling position and then either lays down or sits back up. But between scooting and half crawls, she goes quite a distance from wherever you sit her down.

November 2014
Slithering, beginning of the month

Miri is 8 Months 2014
Pre-crawling, end of the month

She can stand leaning for a few seconds on her own, and she pulls up on us but not on furniture. She dances even though she can't stand or walk!

November 2014
Cucumber Stand

December 2014
First time pulling up on her own! 12/2/14

Her two bottom teeth came out!

Personality: She's a troublemaker. She prefers James's toys, and anything off limits, especially computer cords. She gets her way 100% of the time. She plays innocent in public.

She's not that grumpy anymore unless her naps are interrupted.  She takes a third nap still but she's thinking about switching to two.

Around 5 pm her mama-preference kicks in. Kevin can talk her out of it by feeding her a lot of food.

She only says "dada" but she says it regularly. Here's a conversation I have with her every day:

M: A-dada?
E: Mama! Ma-Ma! Ma! Ma!
M: Dada. Dada. Dada.

She continues to hate sitting in the bath (we have to stand her up like she's taking a shower). Kevin has called her out on how unreasonable she's being but she's unmoved.

Miri is 8 Months 2014
Ribbon destruction, like bra-burning but more precocious

Me: The not-sleeping-through the night thing is really getting to me. My personality does not sparkle like it used to.

November 2014

Kevin: Kevin is eager to move Miranda to her crib but like me, he's worried about going through sleep-training. She makes Kevin stand while feeding her formula, and he does because he's wrapped around her finger.

Cape Cod- Nov 2014
She makes him stand when he feeds her. Just because.

James: James loves school, going out anywhere with us, and his babysitter. He can now spell many more words than I have bothered to keep track of- James, mama, dada, Miranda, nana, Grandma, and lost of others. He's been really acting out lately. I think it's a bad combination of not sleeping enough, not going outside enough to burn off energy because it's winter, and general Miranda jealousy.

Cape Cod- Nov 2014
Competitors for Duplo (toddler) Legos

December 2014
Also best friends and musical sensation

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