Thursday, December 11, 2014

Recent Visitors- Holidays 2014

Since we live on Long Island, we're not terribly convenient to our New York friends, which is why I appreciate it even more when our friends hike out here to see us. And even more lately because Miranda has been really difficult since late October and I am barely hanging on.

Sarah and Lukas came by before Thanksgiving, and though I failed to get a picture of them, let me share the "worth a thousand words" one they posted online. We are so excited for them!

Lukas and Sarah- Winter 2014
Lukas and Sarah

Jon came by to visit after Thanksgiving and we ate lots of Greek food. Yum!

November 2014
Jon and James practicing writing words

Jaime was here last week for a couple days. We looked at open houses in my neighborhood and I made her my now famous West African peanut soup. I am obsessed with it, and Kevin and James like it too because it tastes like peanut butter.

December 2014
James and Jaime on her iPad

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