Thursday, May 21, 2015

David and Melanie Are Engaged! 2015

Finally! David and Melanie started dating in December of 2005, about 8 months before I met Kevin, and when David was only 17 years old. At the time, I was in law school so I didn't come home very often. David would sometimes come by and see me at our Grandmother's place when I was home for holidays or in the summer.

But I didn't meet Melanie until after Kevin and I moved to New York. By then, they had been dating 3 years, and we had the sense that it was a serious relationship. When we met her we understood why. Kevin and I immediately began talk of "locking her down" lest she get away. Haha.

David and Melanie Visit 2009
Hanging out in Brooklyn, a few months after we moved to New York

We totally broke our "significant others" rule for Melanie at our wedding (engaged or living together). Luckily, no one busted us at the time.

At our wedding in Cape Cod with Grandma Daisy, June 2009

They were still really young when we moved to New York so it was tricky to go out. Then David turned 21! The party was on!

David's 21st Birthday 2009
Partying it up at David's 21st Birthday, November 2009

Oh, but, fail, I got pregnant less than a year later in July of 2010. But they were awesome even as Kevin and I grew progressively less awesome (and I grew bigger too). Melanie even came to my babyshower which was so nice.

Clou Baby Shower 2011
Melanie and Grandma Daisy at my baby shower in 2011

Easter 2011
Meeting James, Easter 2011

For a while there, Kevin and I thought we were becoming fun again. We threw parties! We took turns going to the city! We even sometimes did double dates!

11.11.11 Party
Cuban cuddle, sorry Irishman, 11-11-11 Party

James's 1st Birthday Party 2012

Hoboken with David & Melanie 2012
Double date in Hoboken, August 2012

Yeah, then we got pregnant again in 2013. But I am told we are done having babies? So we promise to be fun again! And not just at our children's birthday parties.

Alonso Family Visit 2014
When Miranda was born, April 2014

  Family Visit 2015
Random visit, January 2015

  1st and 4th Birthday Party 2015
James's and Miranda's birthday, April 2015 (hi Ash!)

Maybe on some level, I sensed it was coming because before the kids' birthday party, I moved David and Melanie's picture (from 2009) from on top of our bookshelf to our family wall where we have our grandparents' wedding pictures. It was a total cheat because they weren't even engaged yet, but it just seemed like the right place all of a sudden. 

But then when I met with David for happy hour a few weeks ago he suggested that maybe he had a time in mind to propose and he was super vague about it. I guessed December 2015 during their 10th dating anniversary, but he said, no he wasn't really thinking that, and I thought, geez, this is going to take forever.... oh I was super wrong! And I'm so glad.

He proposed 10 days later. David proposed at sunrise on May 18, 2015 on the Summit of Haleakala National Park in Maui at an elevation of 10,023 feet. He planned it so that their closest friends and most of her family was there to watch. Wow! 

David Proposes to Melanie 2015

So there it is, Kevin and I are getting a new awesome sister, and James and Miranda are getting a new aunt! Not sure if I'm more excited for David or for us!

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