Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WWFTC Reading at VA Festival of the Book 2015

Kevin read at the Virginia Festival of the Book last week. His read with Clifford Garstang (editor, Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction From a Small Planet) during a panel called "Short Stories: Great Fiction in Small Bites" at New Dominion Bookshop.

Charlottesville 2015
Kevin all set before the reading

Charlottesville 2015
The reading was upstairs.

Kevin read the title story and the reading went really well. He had a good rhythm and the crowd understood and liked the story. Kevin had some different answers to the questions this time.

Or so I'm told. I couldn't stay to the end because the kids were being kind of disruptive. The reading space was weird because it was upstairs and pretty narrow. There was some seating downstairs, which is where I had to park it because I had Miranda in the stroller. This turned out to be somewhat fortuitous as I could escape with bothering too many people.

Charlottesville 2015
James entertaining himself by reading some kids books

Charlottesville 2015
Miranda napping at the reading

[Not pictured: James whining, Miranda tearing all the books off the shelves.]

Charlottesville 2015
After the reading. (Photo by Pat Jarrett, VFH staff)

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