Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Girls' Weekend in NYC 2015

We had a very short Girls' Weekend this year, which could more accurately be called Girls' Night. We didn't plan in advance and we realized that since Megan is due in May, we might not be able to squeeze in another one for a long time. Despite the quick planning we had a really nice time. We started with pre-dinner drinks at The Growler in the Financial District. And their poutine is unique but tasty.

Girls' Night 2015
Megan, Ash, me at The Growler

Girls' Night 2015
Laurie, Janice, Christina

Girls' Night 2015
Our attempt to get a group picture with George Washington... in the dark

Then we had a super fancy dinner at White Street in Tribeca. I didn't take any pictures of us in the restaurant but this was our view from our booth. When we got there at 6 it was pretty empty but it was totally full when we left. Our appetizers and main dishes were yummy, and we shared wine and desserts.

Girls' Night 2015
White Street

After dinner we walked over to a cute little bar I really liked, Anotheroom. I wish our visit had been longer but we've already started planning the next year's.

Girls' Night 2015
All of us at Anotheroom

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