Friday, March 13, 2015

My 36th Birthday in NY & NJ 2015

My birthday was low-key but full of wonderful things. Here are 36 fun things I did on my birthday!

1) Slept late.
2) Woke up this morning to a family pile-on! Thanks Kevin, James, and Miranda!
3) James and Kevin made me some birthday cards.
4) Breakfast courtesy of Kevin,
5) Kevin watched the kids while I indulged numerous mood swings.
6) Mood swings might actually have been a hangover as I went to dinner and drinks with college girlfriends this weekend. Though this was not actually birthday-related I'm still riding the happy wave.
7) Lots of birthday texts (I didn't have a smart phone last year so this is fun) and calls
8-17) Lots of presents and cards this year! Thanks Kevin, Andrew, Kathy, Janice, Ash, et al.
18) Italian subs for lunch- I was totally craving one!
19) Hug-a-thon from James that lasted like 10 minutes.
20) Lots of people coordinating to come to Clou-a-rama today! Yay!
21) Miranda and I had girl-time while James went to school.
22) But because she takes naps in her crib now I had child-free guilt-free time in the afternoon!
23) Kevin made dinner
24) My first birthday with two kids!
25) We had 4 different flavors of cup-cakes!

My 36th Birthday 2015
Cupcake with candle! Miranda is even more excited than I am.

26) Kevin and James sang happy birthday to me and James helped me blow out the candles

 My 36th Birthday 2015
James is helping.

27) We also took numerous photos of this event.
28) We played cupcake-smash with the kids, the goal being to get as much frosting on our faces as possible.

My 36th Birthday 2015
Cupcake happiness.

My 36th Birthday 2015 
Don't mind if I do!

My 36th Birthday 2015
Only frosting on his mustache could make him cuter than he already is.

29) Miranda decided this was the best day of her life yet and she expressed it with lots of smiles and happy sounds.

My 36th Birthday 2015
Best. day. ever.

30) Kevin gave the kids their baths ... and put them to sleep
31) ... and basically did everything all evening.
32) While I watched Dr. Who.  And I got to a lot of people's favorite episode "Blink" which was totally solid.
33) We had drinks after the kids went to bed.
34) And watched my favorite comedy Brooklyn 99.
35) Back massage.
36) Went to dinner and drinks with my gorgeous mother the following day!

My 36th Birthday 2015
Me and mom at Biggie's Clam Bar in Carlstadt

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