Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Visiting Ash- February 2015

I made an overdue visit to go see Ash and have some laid back fun times. I made my first successful chicken pot pie for dinner (with biscuits instead of pie- yum!) and we marathoned watched The Affair on Showtime. We recommend the recipe, but not so much the television show. I also got to eat all the delicious Indian food her mom left behind and Ash's secret recipe guacamole. Oh and I got to sleep in on Saturday morning. A big treat! The best part is I get to see Ash again in two weeks! Hurray!

Visiting Ash - Feb 2015
Ash and me- on the couch where it's nice and warm.

Visiting Ash - Feb 2015
Chopping the veggies for dinner

Visiting Ash - Feb 2015
So proud of my finished dinner!

Just FYI, no one paid me to link that recipe. It's just good. I mean look at those biscuits.

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