Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Miranda is 14 Months 2015

Looking at James's 14-month post I'm really sorry that I've used my phone to take so many pictures of Miranda instead of my camera. I'll fix that a little this month.

CSTL 2015
One with the camera at almost 14 months, June 19

Miranda is up to everything. She has 5.5 teeth, and is in about size 18 month clothing.

She says Mama, Dada, yes, that and "tickle-tickle-tickle" and but understands A LOT of what we say to her. Nonetheless she rarely follows the instruction NO.

May 2015
iPhone Selfie at about 13 months

James is both her best friend and occasionally her oppressor.

June 2015
At the park

June 2015
At home

She's a pro at feeding herself and she's eager to use utensils though she's not adept at it. She loves all food.

June 2015

June 2015
Civilized dinner

June 2015
Smoothie dessert

She loves books and electronics. Her favorite books are "Dinosaur Versus the Library, " "Nosy Barker," and "Dora and the Rainy Day." She steals James's LeapFrog and my phone and Kindle whenever she has the chance. 

June 2015
With the LeapFrog

She loves loves to dance and she's so good at it! Nothing makes me happy like seeing her dance. I will retroactively insert a video here tonight.

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