Monday, January 19, 2015

Out with Rachel- January 2015

Finally went out with Rachel! Originally Christina, Rachel, and I had all planned to go out together, but getting three schedules to work together was too hard. Rachel and I picked Mandoo Bar in Koreatown because it was relatively easy from both our locations. Unfortunately we picked possibly the coldest windiest night ever.

Also, we failed to take pictures but here's some of the yummy food we ate: seafood pancakes, Mandoo sampler (pork, shrimp, and veggie dumplings), and beef Bibimbap. Yum!

Mandoo Bar 2015
The seafood pancake was the best.

Mandoo Bar 2015 
The green veggie dumplings were the best of the dumplings.

We were going to get drinks at American Whiskey afterwards, but it was too cold so we gave up when we saw Harringtons. The Yelp reviews are pretty rough, but the bar was fine for our one drink each.

As Rachel and I toasted, "Here's to husbands who are sick of us, and encourage us to go out together!" Haha. Just kidding. Who could ever get sick of us?

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