Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's in Floral Park 2014 --> 2015

I have finally (temporarily) given up on partying on New Years Eve. I actually gave up way after most of my friends. But I thought it would be fun to celebrate with the kids and it was!

Obviously, they can't stay up until midnight and in our sleep-deprived states Kevin and I don't even find that enjoyable. So I chromecasted Australia's fireworks countdown off YouTube and told them it was midnight.

I gave each of us a plate of 12 grapes (like in Cuba and Spain) except Miranda who had two very cut up grapes. And we filled our less fancy champagne flutes with sparkling apple cider. (Yes, despite drinking champagne maybe twice a year, we have two sets of flutes because wedding gifts!)

NYE 2014 --> 2015
Miranda spies the grapes!

James was actually super excited about the grapes!

NYE 2014 --> 2015
Feeding Miranda grape bits

NYE 2014 --> 2015
Toasting with apple cider

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