Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How About Those 2014 Resolutions?

The blog has a lot of nice perks. I'm not sure if New Year's resolutions accountability is one of these perks or not. I made a lot of resolutions last year! This is the result.

On  my "Must" list:
  • We did complete our wills and check on the amount of life insurance, but we didn't complete our powers of attorney, living wills, and healthcare powers of attorney. I think this is because even though I understand the necessity of a will the other things seem so much more theoretical. 
  • I finished all my dental work, and now I have healthy teeth and gums!
  • I didn't back-up my entire computer.
  • I didn't finish James's baby book
  • I didn't a picture of Miranda every day (though I have taken pictures of her most days, and some days way too many). 
  • My walking pretty much followed my resolution. It dropped off significantly after it got cold, though I specifically said I would not do it in the cold. I do really want to go for walks. 
On my "Would like to" list :
  • Read more (quality) books! I read some books this year, but not the ones I intended to read and not as many as I intended. I will need to rethink this goal for this year. 
  • I did cook more quality dinners.... but this dropped off after Miranda was born mostly because she naps right when I'd like to be cooking. But I definitely cooked a lot more this year than last year. And I tried lots of new recipes.
  • I did not learn to bake.
  • I did not baptize the kids. That's been a fail. 
  • I did not learn Italian this year. That was a little crazy since anyway since I had a baby this year. 
Here's two that weren't originally on my list:
  • We donated more to charity. I think we gave ten times this year! 
  • I lost the baby weight I gained with Miranda!
  • I actually started culling my dad's books. I am 3/26ths done. We're going to call this one started, not completed.
Okay, so did I have too many resolutions? I think no. I accomplished 6 pretty big things! I think I did more than if I had just made one or two resolutions. Any suggestions for my 2015 resolutions?

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