Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review of 2009- Part 2

Kevin and I were newly-weds and life was good!

Kevin and I were living in Brooklyn, but we celebrated the Fourth of July at Jaime's place in Arlington, Virginia with a fun mix of friends. I missed my dad's 60th birthday when our friends Wendy and Clark had a somewhat impromptu wedding on the same day. Aubree and Patrick got engaged.

Griffin-Knudsen Wedding 2009
Clark and Wendy's wedding day 2009

I started this blog.  Kevin started writing Things My Wife Complains About (TMWCA). The first one was, Her Coffee Being Too Heavy and the second one was Allowing Her to Nap.

Kevin and I went to an M. Ward concert in Central Park, but then I had to skip the Red Sox-Orioles game we had planned because I was too busy with work (TMWCA). Kevin went to the house upstate and Lake Placid with me and my parents for the first time. Ash visited me and Michele in Manhattan for the evening.  I complained that this blog was getting kind of boring... four years ago! Oh-oh.  Are you still reading?

A bunch of us crashed at Kevin's aunt's Cape Cod cottage for the weekend and went to the beach. Cory and Robin got engaged, and so did Jeff and Inga! Finally, I bemoaned evolution's short falls. Opposable toes really would be handy.

Lake Placid 2009
My family in Lake Placid, 2009

Kevin and Jon's good friend Erik passed away on his 30th birthday. He is very missed.

Kevin and I had been married for three months when we roadtripped with Jon from Brooklyn to Chattanooga for Trey and Sunny's wedding.  The way there was pretty easy, but on the way back the boys were a bit hungover and were not exactly singing road songs.

Csar-Gettinger Wedding 2009
Trey and Sunny dancing at their wedding 2009

Kevin and I decided to drive down to Philly on a Monday to celebrate Brady's 30th birthday. We had some dinner, ice cream cake, and went to the Local and had some drinks. We closed the place on a Monday night.

Brady's 30th Birthday 2009 
Brady's 30th Birthday in Philly 2009

We went to Sarah and Lukas Engagement Party in Astoria, Queens. Kevin wrote a Things My Wife Complains About: #8 Loving Fake Football Players More Than Her.

Kevin gave a lecture in Florence and we used it as an excuse to do a big Tuscany trip. We went to Florence, Fiosole, Pisa, and Lucca. When we were at the airport on the way back, I found out that Donald and Sarah had gotten engaged.  Brian and I went to a Brad Paisley concert. I got so sick that I had to go to the emergency room, and though they failed to diagnose me I'm pretty sure I got the Brooklyn Mumps.  Halloween was a non-event, I moped around Brooklyn looking at kids in costume, desperately wanting my own. Kid, that is.  Well, I wanted a costume too.

Pisa, Italy 2009
In Pisa 2009

Becky's friends celebrated her completion of the New York Marathon by eating burgers at Shake Shack. Kevin and I went out to Manhattan to celebrate my brother David's 21st birthday.  His friends were really nice, and we all had a great time drinking and dancing. We had brunch with Lukas and Sarah in Brooklyn. I saw people walking three camels down the street in Manhattan (Rockefeller Christmas show!). A few of our friends went to a Boston Celtics v. NY Knicks at Madison Square Gardens. A bunch of celebrities were sitting in the court-side seats. James W. crashed with us for a few weeks in our Brooklyn apartment.

David's 21st Birthday 2009
David's 21st birthday 2009

Kevin and I celebrated our first married Thanksgiving with his family and had a second Thanksgiving dinner with my dad's family the following night.

Thanksgiving 2009
Thanksgiving with Kathy's family

Thanksgiving 2009
Day after Thanksgiving with my Dad's family

I cut a foot of my hair off, donated it. Kevin made fun of me for relying on him to tell me to go to bed (TMWCA #9). We went to New York Public Library Christmas Party to celebrate our engagement on the steps two years previously. Kevin wrote Things My Wife Complains About: #10 Eating Fortune Cookies. We went to see the opera Elektra.

I went by myself to visit Brooke in Los Angeles. Chrissy and Jason had their first baby Owen. Nick and Emily came to New York to visit, and got engaged!

Kevin and I celebrated our first married Christmas with my parents.  Briggs and Andrew came to visit us in Brooklyn.

Christmas Eve 2009
Our first married Christmas at my parents in 2009

Christmas Eve 2009
My parents, Christmas 2009

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