Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cathy and Mike's Baby Shower 2010

We went to Cathy and Mike's baby shower this weekend. The shower was very Tens/Teens Decade (what are we calling it? why do none of these decades have names?) in that men were invited, beer was served, and there was an after-party to celebrate the daddy's last days of freedom, as he will be the primary care-giver after mommy's maternity leave ends. We had a lot of fun bar crawling around the bars and restaurants in State College, PA.

Steffan Baby Shower 2010
Tigger-theme decorations

Steffan Baby Shower 2010
Cathy and I have been friends for almost nine years!

Steffan Baby Shower 2010
Drinking pitchers of mixed drinks! (Not Cathy though.)

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