Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boston Bruins v. NY Rangers 2010

We recently went to a ice hockey game in Madison Square Gardens, making this the third time in a few months that I've been after never having gone before. So that's a country music concert with Brian, a Celtics game with Kevin's large crew, and Bruins. All three times I have been extremely stressed about work while trying to enjoy myself. Also we lost (BOS 2 @ NYR 3) But the Garden is awesome no matter what.

Boston Bruins v. NY Rangers Ice Hockey 2010
Me and Kevin and Madison Square Garden

Also I heart ice hockey. I can definitely enlist myself to the one Boston team that Kevin does not follow. Between the two of us we can now cover all the bases (goal posts?).

Boston Bruins v. NY Rangers Ice Hockey 2010
Bruins v. Rangers

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