Sunday, January 31, 2010

A View from the Bridge 2010

We went to the play A View from the Bridge and loved it. A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller is set in 1950s America, in an Italian American neighborhood near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Broadway: View from the Bridge 2010
Outside a View from the Bridge, at the Cort Theater

The main character in the story is Eddie Carbone, an Italian American longshoreman, who lives with his wife, Beatrice, and his orphaned niece, Catherine. Scarlett Johansson, making her Broadway debut, played Catherine. Tony winner Liev Schreiber played Eddie. Jessica Hecht played Beatrice. Hecht is the same actress who had small roles on the television show Friends, as Ross's ex-wife partner Susan. I didn't recognize her until the end of the show because she was so deeply in the character of Beatrice that she didn't look or carry herself the same way. I thought she was by far the best.

It was particularly awesome because it is narrated by a lawyer, and I feel like he was telling the story of my professional life right now.

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