Sunday, February 7, 2010

Puppy News 2010!

No, we haven't broken down and gotten a puppy yet, though I was so tempted this week when I saw a puppy sale sign in New York... however I will have to live vicariously through friends for now. My buddy Allison and her boyfriend Dan (who happens to also be Kevin's old Iowa basketball friend) adopted a 13-week old field spaniel puppy.

And in other puppy news, Janice and Darren's dog Fudgie made into the Dawg Blog: I know, today's entry is sort of cute-overload-ish.

Dan, Allison, and Coco
The new family- Dan, Allison, and Coco

Fudgie Buck
Fudgie is a model, if you know what I mean...


Allison said...

Fudgie is such a cute dog name! What a gorgeous shot of her. Coco is my inspiration to finally learn how to be good at photography - my favorite new subject!

eralon said...

Where are these Coco photos you claim to be taking? (PS Fudgie is a boy-dog.)

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