Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kevin's 30th Birthday 2010, Part 2

Since he had so many friends in town we basically continued the celebration from Friday through Monday. We had dinner on Friday, lunch and drinks on Saturday, brunch on Sunday, and a big walk around some of his favorite places in Manhattan on Monday.

On Monday, a lot of people had off for President's Day, plus it was Kevin's actual birthday date, so we went big. We started at the new park in Chelsea, the High Line Elevated Park.  It's weird and urban, but definitely cool with a nice view of the city.  Afterwards, we went to Chelsea Market to warm up and get lunch.

Kevin's 30th Birthday 2010
Kevin's friends in High Line Elevated Park in Chelsea

Observation deck area of High Line with bleacher-like seating

Being a writer, Kevin is really into bookstores.  So we went over to the Strand, a huge bookstore in the East Village with the city's largest collection of rare books. It's maybe the second-largest used bookstore in the world (after Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon), and it's family-owned.

Kevin's 30th Birthday
Perusing books at the Strand

We dipped into a costume store, and I thought it would be funny to buy this mask for a gag because we're always singing "Fox in the Snow." It a long story, but it was funny. It's New York, so no one even noticed.  Finally we ended up drinking at Blind Tiger Ale House in the West Village. Such a fun active day!

Kevin's 30th Birthday
Jon, Fox in the Snow, Briggs

Kevin's 30th Birthday 2010
At the Blind Tiger Ale House in the West Village

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