Friday, February 19, 2010

Nomar is a Little Famous 2010

One of my pictures of Nomar made it onto a heavily-trafficked blog. The photo is ridiculous. The article, Taste Tests Show Frozen Diet Meals Now Shockingly Edible, at The Consumerist Blog, features Nomar licking the remnants of my Lean Cuisine when we were living in Charlottesville. Whenever you are not looking, Nomar will attempt to steal your fish, lick your cheese, or -gross- lick raw chicken. Interestingly, Nomar does not care for sushi.

Here is the screenshot of the blog:

2010 02 17 Nomar famous

And here's a close-up of the photo:

Nomar Enjoys Lean Cuisine

This is his second run-in with fame, as last year he appeared on meteorologist Tim Kelley's New England Cable News segment on "Work Party" Pictures.


kathy said...

Such a little cutie, that Nomey Nomes!

S.I.F. said...

Nothing better then a famouos kitty! That is cracking me up!!

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