Sunday, November 8, 2009

David's 21st Birthday 2009!

Last night Kevin and I went out for my brother David's 21st birthday. I accidentally ended up celebrating someone's 21st birthday about two and half years ago, but in general, I haven't done that sort of thing since the year 2000. He celebrated with dinner and dancing at a Latin restaurant/club in the East Village. After sending him some flan with a birthday candle in it, Kevin and I got down with our bad-salsa-dancing selves. We are very bad at salsa, but a large mango martini told me that this was not so.

David's 21st Birthday 2009
David and his best friends celebrating his 21st with dinner

David's 21st Birthday 2009
Melanie and David

David's 21st Birthday 2009
Blowing out a candle on his flan

We had a fabulous time and we love David and his girlfriend Melanie. His other friends were also friendly and fun. David and I have really odd things in common considering we weren't raised together and it's interesting and weird to figure them out. We both have the family dimple in our shoulder, we have bad senses of direction, we are what people call "light weights" though I don't think either of us minds this, and we feel compelled to label friends as family members. There are other things, but those are the easiest to explain.

Happy birthday, David!

David's 21st Birthday 2009
Everyone on the dance floor

David's 21st Birthday 2009
Familia! and Mango drinks!

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