Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things My Wife Complains About: #3 Planning Enjoyable Activities

Provincetown 2009
We have a fun little weekend planned. M. Ward in the sweet seats in Central Park then the Red Sox-Orioles game in Baltimore with friends from Charlottesville. A husband might feel pretty satisfied organizing these two events--satisfied, that is, until he learns his wife wishes neither event had been planned! It turns out wife is a busy bee, and all this fun hangs over her head like the sword of Damocles.

Proposed solutions!

1) Don't plan enjoyable activities.
2) Plan enjoyable activities that are certain to be derailed by natural disaster (pity we can't enjoy these 1989 World Series tickets, for example).
3) Plan enjoyable activities that don't actually exist so that when they're mysteriously cancelled, you benefit from planning them, as well as not having to go (moderately hard).


Hope said...

I'm never getting you tickets ever again.

eralon said...

I went to the M. Ward show after work on Saturday and enjoyed it. But I had to miss the Red Sox game in Baltimore so that I could work more on Sunday. Back-to-back days might be a lot lately.

eralon said...

A card for me!

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