Monday, August 3, 2009

Dates 3-5, 2006

Shenandoah National Park
Wednesday, August 9- Our third date was hiking at Shenandoah starting very early in the morning. We went to Brown's Gap, a long and lovely trail with three waterfalls. We brought coffee, oranges and nuts to snack on at the falls. The last thirty minutes back were very hot and I was getting bitten by mosquitoes, but I restrained my complaints because we had only just started dating. I wanted him to think I could hang with his hiking hobby.

Friday, August 11- He cooked me dinner and we watched Rushmore. After our second date I refused to go back to his place to watch a movie because at 11 PM, I said it was too late. So he had to make it a separate date and lure me over with dinner. We watched this because I rejected Briggs's "go-to" movie of Eternal Sunshine (sure to get girls in a romantic mood). We enjoyed watching the movie together and Kevin suggested we should rent a television show together (so as to have a regular excuse for dates, write that one down single men). We'd heard good things about Six Feet Under. Um, a show about death and funeral parlors?

Tuesday, August 15- So for our fifth date, we went to the nearby quaint town of Scottsville. Scottsville is a funny little place, and we enjoyed it enough to go back the next year, but I'm really not sure why. Then watched Six Feet Under together at my place. I think this was the first time he came to my place and was shocked when I offered him mango juice. He was dating a real Cuban.

I think it's best if Kevin explains our sixth date, although he's sure to do so in his own special way.


Ana Shute said...

I know a humor book when I see one...I may not be a "literati" but I know what makes me laugh...I think you should write a book named "how I met your father" and Kevin should write another tittled " Why I stay with your mother" and each of you should just do this blog in book form....I am not kidding

Jim said...

I'm with Ana. When I was reading about the previous date, I found myself wanting to read an uninfluenced retelling of Kevin's version of the same story.

I was thinking dueling, blind blogs, but I think her solution is more elegant.

... although, I'm not sure it appeals to my need for instant gratification.

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