Saturday, August 1, 2009

Second Date: Politics and Love 2006

Instead of waiting the requisite three days, the Tuesday after our Sunday first date, I get the following (excuse) email from Kevin:

Message from sender:
did you see this? the headline on today's herald reads: "miami streets burst with spontaneous joy." also: stay out of the sun! it's going to be insanely hot today. gelato can only be consumed with a straw.
INTERNATIONAL | July 31, 2006: Ailing Castro Gives Temporary Power to Brother

Nothing warms a girl's heart like talk of revolution, and pretty soon we were planning our second date- dinner at Continental Divide, a restaurant in Charlottesville that serves giant margaritas. After dinner that night, he said something crucial-- but to explain I have to go back a few years.

Paduch Visits 2008
In 2003, I started working at the soda lobby. I became interested in the politics of food. I decided that the government subsidization of corn (used in corn syrup in American sodas) was particularly diabolical for a number of reasons from health to the violation of international trade treaties. In 2004, when returning from an all-day drinking event of some kind (Wine Festival or Gold Cup), I turned around in my bus chair and got into an argument-to-the-death about corn subsidies with my friend's then-boyfriend. Sometime afterward my friend Aubree wrote on my Friendster wall, "... do not discuss corn subsidies with her."

On Thursday, August 3, 2006, we were walking back from dinner at Continental, when Kevin remarked how much he hated corn subsidies. That's when I knew.


kclou said...

The couple that eviscerates obscure domestic agricultural policies together, stays together.

eralon said...

This is exactly why you're a writer. I had to write four or five paragraphs to explain the same thing you succinctly and eloquently expressed in a single sentence. Well done.

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