Friday, August 7, 2009

Beautiful Music 2006 - 2009

Another thing we still frequently do is go to concerts of Kevin's choice because I don't usually suggest any. (I did go to Dr. Dog with my friend Michele, but he didn't get invited.) So anyway, we only go to concerts he picks, but we both enjoy them. And we definitely go to more and better concerts than if I were in charge.

Islands Concert 2006
Islands Concert, Charlottesville, VA, 2006

Our first concert together, and probably still my favorite, was the intimate Jose Gonzalez show where I sadly took no pictures, and where I my spilled drink and almost killed Jose in a slip-and-fall accident. Sorry, Jose. We had been dating less than two months and sat on the floor together, Kevin with his arm around me, and we listened to romantic guitar music. For a long time, I wanted "Remain" to be our wedding song, but it was too fast to be workable.

After that there was Islands, Camera Obscura, Deerhoof, The New York Philharmonic, The National, Magnetic Fields, Decemberists, Cat Power, and about a week ago, M. Ward.

Summerstage: M. Ward 2009
M. Ward Concert at Summer Stage, NYC, 2009

Ultimately, our wedding song was Cat Power's cover of Sea of Love, a well-known song from 1959. We liked her cover of I Found A Reason even more, but both her version and Lou Reed's original version were impossible to dance to. We tried and tried and tried! But picking songs and practicing to all of them was half the fun. Teaching Kevin to spin me was a little more painful.

Dancing to Sea of Love at our wedding, June 2009


kclou said...

There's photographic evidence of my spinning skills at the wedding.

I liked the Islands show best.

M said...

I am so glad that I wimped out from going to that concert so you could have a beautiful evening! Who knew I was so selfless.

Cory said...

You should have gone in another direction, and - instead of a cover of Lou Reed - chosen Lou Reed's cover of Roy Orbison. Nothing like Lou's take on "This Magic Moment" (from a David Lynch film no less) to really lighten the mood. [Briggs may be our only hope on that.]

kclou said...

Cory, there's still time for you to have a Very David Lynch Wedding!

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