Sunday, August 30, 2009

Erik Rimm 2009

Yesterday a dear friend of Kevin and Jon's from high school suddenly passed away on his 30th birthday. He was young, crazy handsome, and kind. He was very adventurous, despite or because he was losing his eyesight completely. He was a model in Europe, a martial arts instructor in Brazil, a surf instructor in Central America, and a survival skills instructor in the US. When Kevin heard he said, "If he were going to die young, I thought it would have been wrestling a bear, or something like that."

Stern Wedding 2008
Jon lovingly fixing Erik's tie at Jon's wedding

Stern Wedding 2008
Dancing with his girlfriend 

Update on the service: Kevin and Jon flew to Florida for the service. A bunch of Erik's friends painted Erik's tattoo on themselves as a tribute to him. Eric's family and friends gathered on a beach in Boca Raton and the ocean swelled with their tears.

Erik Rimm Memorial Slideshow


Chris and Jason said...

That is very sad. So sorry for you guys.

chris ruttan said...

Rest in peace brother; go explore the beautiful wild you love so much. c.

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