Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super Bowl Sadness 2012

Kevin was pretty excited about the Patriots being in the Super Bowl, and since I don't have anything against the Patriots the way I do with the Red Sox, I was pretty excited too. To have an excuse to have a party that is. I was pretty excited to see Kevin happy from the Patriots winning too.  Especially after we had a busted party in Charlottesville for the Patriots-Giants Super Bowl in 2008. Plus the Patriots were favored to win.  Plus it was James's first Super Bowl! Our little good luck charm- no pressure, kiddo.

Super Bowl Party 2012
Me and James by Kevin's Drew Bledsoe signed magazine cover

So we gathered our friends, put up some decorations, got beer, snacks, and pizza...

Super Bowl Party 2012
Everyone is watching football except the girl posing for the camera

Super Bowl Party 2012
Jaime teaching James how to celebrate touchdowns

... and as you all know the Patriots lost in the saddest most soul-crushing way possible.  I've never even cared about football before, but this hurt so slowly and painfully. Ugh, why am I even writing this post?  I guess this means I'm a real Patriots fan now, and not even a fair-weather-fan. So depressing!

Super Bowl Party 2012
Football cookie

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