Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kevin's 32nd Birthday 2012

Today is Kevin's birthday! Happy birthday!  Sadly, he had a cold and he has to work all day, but we were able to celebrate his birthday this weekend.

Kevin and I were super excited to go out for his birthday.  This is because we have a baby and it's extremely difficult to go out together.  We're not comfortable leaving James with someone we don't know. We basically only go out together when one of our moms comes to visit and watch James.  Last month, Kevin's mom kindly let us go out for New Years Eve. My mom came later in the month, so we were able to collect on our Christmas present to each other- a couples massage (thank you Groupon deal).

Kevin's 32nd Birthday 2012
Kevin and Briggs enjoying the bourbon at Fette Sau in Williamsburg

Kevin wanted to go to Williamsburg to try barbecue and bourbon at Fette Sau and to return to one of his favorite bars Barcade to play his favorite game, Ms. Pac-man. Briggs, Lukas, and Sarah met us at Fette Sau. The men got in line for the food and bourbon samplers, while Sarah and I unsuccessfully saved bench seats and sipped our half pints of cider. Pounds of delicious brisket, pork shoulder, and mac and cheese later, Sarah and I decided we also needed cookies from Momofuku's Milk Bar. (If I never lose the baby weight, you'll know why.)

Kevin's 32nd Birthday 2012
Me, Sarah, and Lukas enjoying  the barbecue

All the food and drink didn't keep us from dominating at the arcade games at Barcade. And by dominating, I mean getting fired as the neighborhood Paperboy again and again.

Kevin's 32nd Birthday 2012
The High score board at Barcade

Kevin's 32nd Birthday 2012
Kevin playing his favorite game- Ms. Pac-man

On Kevin's 31st birthday, a few of us went to BXL Cafe in Manhattan for Belgian food and Belgian beer on draft. I didn't have any beer of course, because I was super pregnant, but I seriously enjoyed the food. For his 30th birthday, we had a multi-day extravaganza that we kicked off with steaks at Peter Lugers and then to the Brooklyn Inn for beers. Do you see a theme in his birthdays?

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