Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brooklyn Brewery 2012

On Saturday, a group of us went to the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg.  It was Ash's idea of how to spend an afternoon and it was a really good idea.  I'm not usually much of a beer person, but the beer here was really good, and at $20 for 5 beer chips (1 chip per beer, except the reserves which are 2 chips) you can't beat the prices in New York.

Brooklyn Brewery 2012
Outside the brewery together

We decided to do the free tour of the brewery as well. I heard from a few people not to do it because it's just one room and mainly someone just lectures to you, but I thought it was decent.  You can get a beer before the "tour" and drink it during, so it in no way wastes your time.  The guy who gives the talk about the brewery is funny.  Part of the talk is  about the owner of the brewery Steve Hindy, who turns out to be a super interesting person. Hindy started brewing his own beer while he was a war correspondent in the Middle East. The New York Times just wrote an article about Hindy.

Brooklyn Brewery 2012
This is what the tour looks like

Mainly, it was a really fun group of people.  Jaime came all the way from Virginia to hang out and watch the Super Bowl the next day.  Ash and Kate came down from upstate New York. Michele, Kate's brother Matt, and their cousin Brian live in the city.

Brooklyn Brewery 2012
Inside the brewery tour: Matt, Kate, Ash, Michele, Jaime, me, Brian (l-r)

And did I mention the beer was really good? These are the beers we tried: Brooklyn BLAST! (9.0% abv and my favorite), AMA Bionda (6.0% abv, my second favorite, brewed by Amarcord Brewery in the small medieval town of Apecchio, Italy), Mary’s Maple Porter (7.5% abv), Brooklyn Lager (5.2% abv), Brooklyn Brown Ale (5.6% abv), Brooklyn East India Pale Ale (6.9% abv), Brooklyn Radius (4.8% abv), and Brooklyner Weisse (5.1% abv).

Oh yeah, and thanks to my beer love I broke my autofocus on my Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS SLR Lens, so now I'm buying my first non-kit lens. Sometimes something bad turns into something good.

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