Monday, February 20, 2012

Sarah's 30th Birthday 2012

I can't believe I met Sarah when she was just a wee-bitty 23-year-old starting law school. Her first niece had been just been born and she constantly admired Rosie's picture on her laptop in Contracts class.  Now she's married to Donald, who sat across the room in that same class, she has 3 nieces she admires on her laptop, and she and Donald have their own baby boy on the way!

For Sarah's birthday, Brian made a delicious multi-course dinner: chicken stuffed with goat cheese, potatoes au gratin, perfectly broiled brussel sprouts, and the pièce de résistance, bacon-wrapped scallops. He also made dessert! It was a light mango pudding with strawberries on top. Afterward, we gave Sarah baby-gifts that we hope Baby Burke will enjoy soon.

Sarah's 30th Birthday 2012
I felt Baby Burke kick!

Sarah's 30th Birthday 2012
Brian serving his amazing dinner

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