Tuesday, February 21, 2012

US Supreme Court Tour 2012

As I mentioned before, Donald is kind of a big deal and is a Supreme Court clerk. While I was in town, he offered to take me on a tour of the Supreme Court, the behind-the-scenes weekend tour. It was awesome. We walked around the normal public tour spots, but he also showed me where he works, the beautiful library, and the basketball court. We shot some hoops and we all made baskets--even pregnant Sarah. How awesome is that?

US Supreme Court 2012
Donald gives me a tour!

US Supreme Court 2012
The Burkes in the Supreme Court Law Library

US Supreme Court 2012
Getting a basket in the Supreme Court Basketball Court--swish!

While we were there, I also wanted to take a nice photo of Donald and Sarah outside the Court to remember this super exciting time in their lives when Donald is clerking and they're both about to become parents. This was my favorite of a long series that they tolerated me taking with the sun in their eyes. Aren't they fabulous friends and models?

US Supreme Court 2012
Donald and Sarah outside the Court

US Supreme Court 2012
Donald outside his job

If you've read this far, you deserve to know that Justice Scalia has a bobblehead of Justice Thomas on his desk. True story.

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