Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Hudson 2012!

There was a lot of excitement about the actual arrival date of Christina and Dan's baby as opposed to the due date. The official due date was next week!  There was talk that he might even be a leap year baby, something that Christina was rooting against.  (Am I the only one who thinks it's cool?) However, as Christina's pregnancy progressed her doctors decided the baby would be evicted by today via induction, and if necessary by c-section if the baby didn't take action on his own.  Well, Hudson is precocious, and decided to come on his own this weekend, a week and half early.  He's already back home after staving off a little early jaundice.

I don't have a family photo of all three of them yet, but the cuteness in this photo should more than suffice for now.  Anyway, I plan on going to meet him today, so there will obviously be more of him on the blog then. Congratulations, Christina and Dan! You're a mom and dad now! Isn't it wild? And Hudson is beautiful!

2012 02 Hudson goes home
Hudson's unbelievably cute going home photo

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