Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Date Interlude- September 2016

We had a brief break on Saturday between Jen's Shower and dinner where Grandma took the kids to Follins Pond and gave us her blessing to run free. So we made a beeline for Devil's Purse Brewery like we did in March and got a beer tasting. After some beer, I got adventurous and suggested we try another brewery. For many years, Cod Cod Beer was the only other brewery around but a quick check on yelp showed that there was another new one now! Off we went to check out Hog Island Brewery.

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Kevin at Devil's Purse Brewery in Dennis, MA

Hog Island has a really large and lovely set up. This is my new favorite Cape Cod brewery. Looking forward to quality cousin time here over the holidays!

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Live music at Hog Island Brewery in Orleans, MA

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Hog Island Brewery has a large outdoor and indoor area. New favorite!

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Happiness at Hog Island Brewery

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